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Posted by laurenkitt on November 29, 2009

How did Nick and Lauren met? Here is the proof:



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Posted by laurenkitt on November 29, 2009

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Hello world!

Posted by laurenkitt on November 24, 2009

Some of you have already noticed that the current girlfriend of Nick Carter, Lauren Kitt, is not part of Twitter followers of the twins Angel Carter and Aaron Carter, brothers of the Backstreet Boy.

Well, the reason for all this is quite simple. A war was declared between them and Nick, to vary, is in the crossfire and always chooses the wrong side. A real confusion between Angel and Lauren was the center of the conflict.

The younger sister of Nick accuses Lauren, who coincidentally (okay, there is no coincidence in that) is ex-girlfriend of one of the best friends of Angel, Tommy Cummings (who, here between us, has a rascal face!), have been close to the clan of Carters only to reach the higher goal: Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys.

The fight, according to very secure sources, was huge and only missed the two out ‘rolling on the floor’. It also has been found that Tommy, who is not stupid or anything and we know from other stuff in his past, was on the side of his friend, Angel, and gave a slap in the face of your ex. Nick in turn, did nothing again. It was there that Lauren Kitt finally put their wings out (and some people really believed in the goodness of this girl…) and made the skull of the twins to her boyfriend.

We know that our Backstreet Boy is a bit sluggish … Come on, let’s not lie, he is really DUMB! How can someone like to be fooled in that way again? Doesn’t he learned anything from other relationships? It’s nothing new that the rest of the Carter family is by his side just to appear … Aaron Carter has had his moments of glory, it’s recognized that he had enough talent, although he was known as the “youngest brother of the BSB”, but where is he now? And what about Angel Carter? She’s NOTHING! Just another girl who thinks she is a model! Leslie Carter? Who is that? A drama girl who thinks everyone is against her and no one love her. Oh, what a pity! And what about Nick’s mom, Jane Carter? Do I need to do a commentary about? I won’t waste neither your time or mine…

However, I believe that the family is not as crapulous at the point of wanting bad things happening to Nick, ’cause I have almost absolute certainty that they don’t want to lose the good life. Everyone knows that our Backstreet Boyhas been carrying this family since he came on the show business. But it’s surprising the sudden rupture of relations between them. We, the fans, are wondering why all of this. Is Nick Carter so familiar with his girlfriend to the point of no minding the things she does?

If we look by another angle, we know that having a relationship in the celebrities world is hard. We cannot deny this fact, but discredit the people who love us an almost fatal error.

The fact why we are posting this is that the fans understand what happened and that someone tell us the truth. We know the truth! You can say that we don’t to mind with their business for doin’ this, but we care about the welfare of Nick. All of the fans want his hapiness, we want him to meet a good person to stay by his side without interest, and when a notice like that comes out, we get angry at the point of judging people we don’t really know.

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